Is Linux better than Windows 8 for gaming?

Article by Jason Phillips If you’re a real gamer you know just how terrifying Windows 8 can be. With the changes they’ve made there just might not be any sort of viable way for real gamers to get the kind of experience they want. Expect seriously inconvenient DRM implementations and major difficulties for independent developers because [...]

Steam for Linux Gets Three More Great Games

Steam is a great source for any gamer. It is a place that will allow you to try out and enjoy many of the more popular video games that are available on the market today. Steam Greenlight will allow you to vote on games that you would like to see come available. It is a [...]

Video game lovers listen ! Ubuntu is going to give you some unexpected emotions!

Article by Giuseppe Sanna We all know and love Linux and its distributions. Operating Systems that are lightweight, fast, highly customizable, free, advanced … These are just some of the thousands of qualities that our OS Linux have! But as we are also humble users and Linux users … not cocky, we recognize the limits [...]

Linux Games: Dungeons of Dredmor

Thanks to the Humble Bundle i’ve discovered also this nice game: Dungeons of Dredmor. It’s a classic Rogue-like game, you have to move your hero in 10 level of dungeons where you’ll fight against terrible monsters, to get new equipment, skills and fight the big bad Evil guy, from the official site: Long ago, the Dark [...]

It’s that time again: Humble Frozen Synapse Bundle

A new Humble Indie Bundle is started yesterday, a great and new opportunity to know and buy new indie game for a cheap price. This time the offer it’s a bit different from the former edition, there is just 1 videogame in the main bundle: Frozen Synapse, but If you beat the promotion average you [...]