Jul 162011

twi-ide I’m a bit late this month, so this time I’ll propose you the top 10 article published on Linuxaria in May and June 2011.

10 – 6 Microblogging clients for Linux

After the social networks the new trend on the Net it’s the microblogging, choose your style: Twitter, identi.ca, Picotea or something else but at the moment this is a must for the internet addicted, or just for keeping in touch with all the news you are interested in or just with your friends.
So, while it’s always possible to use your favorite browser to keep in touch with all these messages, today we’ll see some Micro-blogging clients on Linux.
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Jun 012011


This is the top 7 articles for the month of April 2011.

7 – Check your disk usage with df and du

As system administrator , but also as common user on my PC, one of the more common problem is the fill up at 100% of a filesystem.
So, in this article we’ll see 2 commands that can help us in keeping under control or check the space used in every filesystem and in his directory.

df : report file system disk space usage

du: estimate file space usage
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Apr 302011


This is the top 7 articles for the month of March 2011.

7 – Collectd, system performance statistics on Linux

In these days I have seen in a somewhat more detailed way collectd, an excellent tool for collecting statistics on various aspects of our Linux servers.

From Wikipedia: “collectd is a UNIX-daemon which collects, transfers and stores performance data of computers and network equipment. The acquired data is meant to help system administrators maintain an overview over available resources in order to detect existing or looming bottlenecks.

The first version of the daemon was written in 2005 by Florian Forster and has been further developed as free open-source project. Other developers have written improvements and extensions to the software that have been incorporated into the project. Most files of the source code are licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 2 (GPLv2), the remaining files are licensed under other open source licenses”
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The best articles of February 2011

The best articles of February 2011

A new month is come and now is the time to see what were the most read articles of the month of February. 7) Using cut on linux terminal Among the commands available from the linux terminal there’s also cut, very useful for processing strings and characters in general. The cut command is one of […]