Apr 102012

If you have not heard of the new Raspberry Pi yet, then you surely will soon enough. The new budget computer has just passed its Conformité Européenne testing, so now it can be stamped with the commonly seen CE mark and sold throughout Europe. A limited number of units were sold before the device was certified, and distribution was halted until the Pi passed the quality control tests. The distributors of the Raspberry Pi also took the time to make sure that the device meets all the regulations enforced by Australian, Canadian, and US supervisory bodies. So now the new Raspberry Pi, starting at the mere price of $25, is ready to be unleashed upon the world, but what does this mean for Linux users and developers?

Quite a lot actually, because the Raspberry Pi has been designed to use with Linux operating systems. The people behind the development of this cheap but powerful device always wanted it to be as accessible to the masses as possible. They knew an open source operating system was the only way they could keep the costs down, but there was a bigger reason behind their support of Linux. Their ambition with Pi is to get kids interested in computer programming again.
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