Feb 152013

As I wrote more than 2 years ago, the network tools (often referred as net-tools) ifconfig, netstat and route that should be familiar to anyone that has worked with a terminal, have been deprecated in favour of the iproute2 suite from some years.

iproute2 is intended to replace this entire suite of legacy Unix networking tools that were previously used for the tasks of configuring network interfaces, routing tables, and managing the ARP table, but which have not been developed since 2001.

You can find some examples of the usage of the iproute commands on my articles about:

Policy routing
Socket Statistics on Linux
MAC Address Managment on Linux

And today I want to share with you some of the most useful commands that you can use with this “new” suite of commands and the translation of some old commands that we were all used to use on the terminal.
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Sep 122012

Vi is an old screen-oriented text editor , the first release of this software is dated back in 1976, originally created for the Unix operating system.
What I like of vi is that I can find it in any Linux and Unix system I’ve to work, so once I learnt how to use it I’ve used it everywhere, but there is small problem the software is user-friendly as could be a software wrote in 1976, so many new users find really hard to understand the shortcuts and so after some small test they decide that the software is too hard and return to some graphical editor like gedit, leafpad or perhaps libreoffice.

With this article I want to give some useful information for people who have never used Vi.

Note: in general I use Vim (V IMproved) on all my systems, so I’m sure that all the following tips work with this software, if you use the classic VI some of the tips could not work.
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Jul 042012

Around a month ago we ( Zorin OS team, Linuxaria and DarkDuck) announced the winners of the Zorin Contest and we published their works on our sites.

The Contest has been really successful and so, looking at all the works we have received, I’ve decided to publish on the Blog some more of them.
These works are the result of the contest rules:

Please write a short story about Zorin OS, or maybe just Linux in general.

Why do you use Linux? How did you come to the Linux world? What do you like here?
What are you doing to promote Linux? Any of these, or maybe your own themes are good.

It would be better, if your post is about Zorin OS, but this is just “nice to have”.

And now some interesting submission
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A Modern Day (computing) Fairy Tale

This is the winning Article chosen by me in the ZorinOs Contest, wrote by Ken Cominsky. Once upon a time there lived a young squire (engineer) who learned to ride a seasoned horse (computer) with a trusted saddle (UNIX OS) for it was his job. While learning to ride, the squire learned to tweak the […]

How to get exit status from a piped command in Linux shell

It’s funny how through small daily tasks sometimes it happen to find new features or commands that you do not knew not, and today this thing happened to me. In particular, I had to do something trivial on the shell of a server, run : command1 | tail-n 2 i use tail to keep, from […]