Dec 112011

Frank Harris-Smith

Bash has been around since pre-historic times, at least before GNU/Linux’s first release in 1991.

My first personal encounter with Bash was in 1993. This was two years before Microsoft Windows 95 was released and Windows 3.1 was just a bad joke. The Software Development Company I was working for was using SCO Unix running on i486 systems to power Kiosks for displaying, printing and selling sheet music.

My second encounter with Bash was over a decade later was when I first started experimenting with GNU/Linux. I had found a CD in the back of a Linux book with RedHat 7.2 on it– which used an older kernel that had a few missing functions. Like accessing a digital camera, a simple USB Memory Device. So I wrote Bash scripts to mount and access the camera. Then a few more scripts to access a Palm-Pilot like device (My Sony Clie’) and standard USB FlashDrives
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