4 Linux programs to open a Remote Desktop on Windows

It seem impossible for me to get rid of all the windows server that our company still has, some have custom software made years ago that no one want to touch, other have management console for Vmware or Cisco appliance..that run only on Windows or again some product relesed their software only for windows, so [...]

Synergy! as many PCs as you like with just one keyboard and one mouse!

Article by Giuseppe Sanna If your desk is like mine: you have multiple PCs and Laptops spread over two square meters, but do not worry I have the solution for you! Install Synergy and you’ll just say goodbye, once and for all to the mess! This software, which I emphasize is cross-platform, allows you to [...]

Miro Internet TV: Internet TV for Ubuntu Desktop

Miro, a new application for Internet video has been designed to be an easy app that will give users an amazing full-screen show. With over thousands of free videos that can be viewed from the Internet, Miro gives the user the ability to download all the chosen videos they enjoy as soon as they are [...]

Open source writing tools

There has been an impressive change in tools and techniques which writers can use for the good. It is easy to locate one (or more) for individual needs. Whether it is writing a novel, graphics applications or tutorials, these writing tools can serve multipurpose. Writing skills can gain unmatched dimensions on integrating with these advanced [...]

A galaxy of Linux Distros

by Frank Harris-Smith The Internet is a great place to scratch the itch of curiosity. I’d heard some interesting things about Arch Linux so I Googled it. I wanted to know what the Distro was all about and a bit of it’s history. I accidentally discovered The GNU/Linux Distribution Timeline which informed me where Arch [...]