Apache Alternatives for Serving PHP

This is an article of mine, already published on wazi Do you have problems serving more than two pages per second on your WordPress or Drupal blog? Do the sites of your competitors serve pages faster than yours? Their secret weapon may be a different web server and PHP combo than Apache and mod_php. But don’t [...]

How to modify an url extension with a Nginx rewrite

Today i’ve spent a lot of time (probably too much) to understand how to modify extensions, inside an url, with the rewrite of Nginx. Mi goal was call the url http://mysite.com/miofile.html and serve http://mysite.com/miofile with Nginx, which is actually a php script and not a real html.. To make things more difficult a url with [...]

Review: Piwik Analytics Software for web stats

This article is wrote by Rob Connolly, first published on Blogging to Nowhere If you read my previous post regarding the site overhaul that I’m currently doing you will have seen me mention that I’m now using the Piwik Open Source Analytics Package in place of Google Analytics. Well I’ve had it running for a [...]

Using a Rewrite in Nginx to send WordPress feeds to feedburner

On my site I had a small problems with feeds, i’ve them managed with feedburner and I’ve 1 feed for every language, so you can choose to have the feeds in English or in Italian. The problem is that I’d like that when a user write http://linuxaria.com/feed it land on my feedburner page for English [...]

New Look !

Yes, from today the site has a new look. I apologize to those who landed today on the website there were probably times when everything was not exactly in the right place, and probably some pages were not visible at some time. Now all major problems should be fixed, for what i know there are [...]