shelr, broadcast your Linux shell on the net

Thanks to Edmond, i’ve found a new and interesting online service allows you to record something interesting from your terminal and share it to your followers. It is almost the same thing as YouTube but for plain text shellcasts. You can copy and paste everything you see. The nice thing is that you […]

Ubuntu TV? It’s not a science fiction but pure reality … Here’s how!

Just some time ago, at the Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas, Canonical has debut among the big names in the industry. Canonical has stunned the expectations of themselves and members of the organization staff. He brought in his stand, an innovation that has created so much interest among the participants that there were […]

OpenShot! We can be all great directors, with our Linux, of course

Article by Giuseppe Sanna Today we all have in our pocket, in the office or our child’s room, a device for shooting videos. Maybe with high quality or HD. Today, with this simple tutorial, I’ll show you how to do, i do not say a new film for an Oscar, but some video with friends […]

Miro Internet TV: Internet TV for Ubuntu Desktop

Miro, a new application for Internet video has been designed to be an easy app that will give users an amazing full-screen show. With over thousands of free videos that can be viewed from the Internet, Miro gives the user the ability to download all the chosen videos they enjoy as soon as they are […]

Minitube 1.5 to the rescue

Minitube it’s an application to watch youtube movie without using Flash or your browser, i’ve talked about it in a former article. But from some time there were problems and the app was not able anymore to load properly the youtube video (this was with version 1.4.3 from around 1 month ago). Flavio released on […]