Feb 142011

collabshotIn a previous article I talked about some programs to take screenshots in linux, and since then I must say that I have always used shutter.

But the open source world is beautiful because there are so many differents ways to do the same thing, so today I also unveils Collabshot and Jshot,  2 programs that waere created with the idea of sharing your work with someone else.


Collabshot gives you the ability to share your screen grabs with your colleagues for quick and easy collaboration.

Collabshot can be used free of charge, and capturing the screen that you are seeing is accomplished in a mere couple of keystrokes. So is sharing it, as a download link is generated for you to spread about. You proceed to paste that link where you know your colleagues will be able to see it, and then the collaboration will start.

So, there is nothing fanciful about this software. It is a simple and usable application above anything else.

The software is compatible with Linux (there is a debian package for 32 and 64 bits ), Windows  & Mac OSX based computers. Along with this it also works on the Apple iPhone, iPad and Android too.

Once you download and install the software on your computer, you can find that it would be running in background. Next by using the steps or shortcuts mentioned below you can achieve the screen captures easily which are instantly uploaded from your computer to the Collabshot online server and on a paste function the URL is given to you which you can directly share with anyone.

How it Works :

Windows and Linux: Press Ctrl+Alt+P, Select Screen, Ctrl+v to paste link, click on link to go to your screen shot and collaborate

Mac OSX: Press Command+Alt+P, Select Screen, Command+v to paste link, click on link to go to your screen shot and collaborate

Linux Note: To run on Linux, type CollabShot, not collabshot, in the terminal


JShot is a free and multiplatform screen capture and uploader application which allows you to capture and annotate a part of your screen and share it via the Internet in one step.
JShot works on almost every operating system, no matter you are using Windows, Linux or Mac OS X, it’s java based and so portable.
JShot is completely free to download and use for personal usage.


  • Capture a rectangular region, full screen or clipboard content
  • Capture active window, taskbar, deskop, widget (Windows only)
  • Upload via FTP, ImageShack, Skype, Twitter, Picasa, Dropbox
  • Drawing various shapes, adding text to the picture
  • Moving, resizing shapes and updating shape properties
  • System tray launcher


Both programs seem easy to use, quick and do their job, but between these 2 i must say that for the features at the moment Jshot seem much better.

You can choose on which server upload your image (dropbox seem a great options), and the editor is much more powerful.

But, have i told you that Shutter can also upload on a remote server ?
So unless you need a program that work also on Mac and Windos (or a mobile) i suggest to use Shutter, and i place at second place Jshot.

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