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freefylesyncAs a Linux user, you always want to keep your files and folders up to date, and this is especially true in those situations where you can create a backup. This is why you have to use a tool that automatically syncs the content of two folders in order to keep them up to date. FreeFileSync is a utility that fits the bill quite nicely, since it automates the aforementioned process and makes it easy for you to compare as well as synchronize the content of any two different or similar files that are located on your computer or network.


FreeFileSync’s comparison method is very interesting, in fact it allows you to get the job done rather easily, since you need to select or drag and drop the folders that you want to compare, and you just press the compare button. From my experience, FreeFileSync comes with two different types of comparison, and that is either file content or file time and size. Each of them can be customized with the help of symbolic links for example. While testing, I was pleased to see that the results are displayed very fast, and the information displayed was very accurate!


An important thing to know here is that no matter if you choose to compare or sync folders, you do have the opportunity to add filters if you want, in order to customize your results. You can include or exclude items from search, or tweak various things as well. Based on my experience with the app, I can clearly say that the filters are very useful as they always work seamlessly, and they provide the ability to just remove all the clutter results.


Syncing with FreeFileSync is a sheer delight, because the app makes it so damn easy to move files from one folder to another. Loading files is identical to the comparison option, but the syncing variation differ, of course. You have a two way sync method, as well as mirror, update, or you can customize in order to create your own personalized method. It’s neat to see how the app automatically detects files that were moved or deleted, and you will receive an alert based on that. You also get the option to delete files based on version, something that’s well worth it, especially for power users.

While using FreeFileSync also got to use some other features that I thoroughly enjoyed. For example, the app does allow the opportunity to copy locked files, which comes in handy if you tend to use encryption very often! Additionally, you can process lots of folder pairs at the same time, although based on my experience you will need quite a powerful computer for that.

freefylesync on Ubuntu

Error reporting

Error reporting is very good as well, in fact that app does a great job in showing you what went wrong with it when it crashes. And, to top it all up, you can even perform case sensitive syncing if needed, all of these with the help of a powerful, impressive and highly intuitive interface.


All in all, FreeFileSync does a great job in detecting the files that are not duplicates and it automatically syncs the new files to the desired locations. From my experience, I can clearly say that the site does a great job in providing you with a simple, reliable way of keeping your folder content up to date. In my opinion, this is the best way to create a backup for your current content, since you just choose the backup location, press Sync and that’s it. FreeFileSync is a wonderful application that is updated periodically, so not only it’s free, but it also has a stellar support that makes it even more of a delight to use!

If you are looking for a great app to sync and backup your files, then I do recommend you to check out FreeFileSync right now, as this is definitely a hidden gem!


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