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dark resurrectionI know that is not related to items usually presents on this blog about Linux and open source, but today I want to present to you the project “Dark Resurrection“.

Dark Resurrection is an experimental Non-Profit movie inspired by Star Wars and split into two episodes lasting 60 minutes each.
Even if it has been realized with limited means and with a very low budget (approximately 7000 Euro) the LucasFilm itself, after having watched the trailer, defined it “Truly Amazing”.
Result of both digital technology and creator’s passion, this project has attracted the attention of the most important italian magazines (Ciak, Jack, XL, Panorama etc etc).

The cast is mainly composed by amateurs, but there are also several professionals who have been attracted by all the rumors generated by the trailer on the web. These professional actors decided to offer their collaboration for free.”

Status of work:

The National Premiere of Dark Resurrection Vol. 1 took place at the Ariston Theater in Sanremo, the 7th of June 2007.
The event has also been a celebration for the 30th Anniversary of Star Wars: the theater was full house with 1800 spectators.

The movie is available on the net on youtube (low res) or vimeoo (higher res), it’s in italian with subtitles in english:

Dark resurrection volume 2

Actually the producers are assessing a system to collect the necessary founds (around 50.000 euro) while the Director is writing the script.
For now, it was filmed all the Vol 0 – the prologue of Vol 2 – to be published before the end of 2010.
News concerning the production will be available directly on the home page of the website.

HELP produce Dark Resurrection 2

To help us in producing Dark Resurrection Volume 2, you can send a donation to the cultural and no profit association Riviera Film. All the donations will be used by LOI to produce DR Vol. 2 and the updated status of the balance will be published on the website www.darkresurrection.com until the total amount needed (approx. 50000 Euro) will be reached. On the website there will be also a list of all the donators who would like to appear ad producers (without the amount of the donation of course).

The offer is free. Those who will offer 30€ or more will become associated PRODUCER of DR2 (and will appear in the end credits of the movie), members of the “Riviera Film” Association as “supporting partner”* and will receive as FREE GIFT a copy of Dark Resurrection Volume 1 DVD with more than one hour of special features.

(*The Supporting Partner is just an honorary title, he’s not asked to make any other donations in future and does not have any obligation with the association.)

Photo gallery with the making of and some special photo: http://picasaweb.google.com/lord.Atilak

A trailers of the movie:

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  1. Interesting, thanks. I did not know about this movie at all but am sure I will enjoy it. Seems similar to some other projects, like the one set in the Lord of the Ring universe (I forgot the name). See what motivated people can do without bigshot corporations and Hollywood.

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