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Ever get the urge to build something, and wonder, “How can I make a homemade coffee roaster?” Well, thankfully for us, someone has already thought up the basics. But, then there’s that small question in the back of our brains, “Can I make my Linux laptop control the homemade roaster?” Surprise, surprise! Someone thought that up to, and has put their version public so the technological inclined coffee drinkers can have something to do during winter break.


Corretto started a revolution back in 2006 when she designed a bread maker/heat gun coffee bean roaster. While the original roaster involves no up to date usage of technology, her roaster depended on the sound of the bean as it roasted. The beans will crack as they approach completion of roasting. She determined when the beans were done by which set of cracks they were on. About 4 sets of cracks are the usual for roasting beans. Then, Andrew Tridgell came about, and worked on answering the second part of our question: “How can I make my Linux laptop control the Corretto roaster?”


Being a techno-sort of guy, Tridgell wanted to have better control over the Corretto roaster, feeling that if one could keep up with the heating process, better roasted beans could be obtained. So, he went about creating his own Corretto roaster. After apply a bread maker and a heat gun (like the original, which is a good sign- confirming the original was good enough for copied blueprints), Tridgell discovered that using a metal stirrer in the bread maker and drilling a small hole through the bread maker, he could hook up a thermocouple to help record the temperature.


With the help of Paul Mackerras, Tridgell created a custom circuit power device to run through the thermocouple and his Linux, to feed data to pyRoast. pyRoast is the application that Tridgell came up with to act as a graph for time, temperature, and which crack procedure the beans are in. The goal in all of this was to make great coffee beans at home, without the usage of some name branded, expensive coffee roaster. It has been told that the coffee taste better when roasted by hand, compared to the store bought variety.


In connection with CoffeeSnobs, when using pyRoast, one is able to upload their data and coffee results to the side for others to test, critique, and copy. This is a great process for anyone looking to save some money and have super fresh, really great coffee for less.

Now, one may still be wary about using a bread maker for roasting coffee but rest assured, the Corretto roaster is a simple device to use. Now, whether or not one decides to use a Linux computer, is a completely personal decision. Either way you go, great coffee beans are going to prove as a very delightful reward. Because no matter what the subject is, anything that has been produced the hands-on way is a guaranteed success for great results. Plus, the thought of accomplishment is always an added benefit when preparing your own food and foodstuffs. That added touch of homemade is there.

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The post is written by Davis Miller, he has strong business acumen and great communication skills. Apart from that he is skilled in linux, web hostig etc. Visit his site for kiezen nl and Beste koffiemachine.

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  1. I’m gonna make myself a coffee now. From source.

  2. Great Artical really enjoyed it.

  3. Now all I need to do is port this to Java…

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