Oct 202011

linuxday_fullcolor The 22 of October 2011 is the day of the eleventh Italian Linux Day .

This wonderful event is now in its eleventh version, I have participated at various editions of this event in my local town and adjacent areas, depending on the programs offered, and I must say that I always come out very satisfied.

But you do not know what is the Linux Day?

The Linux Day is a national event which aims to promote GNU/Linux and free software.

Each local Linux user group has the responsibility to organise his implementation, so in the chosen day you can join to the most diverse activities including seminars, workshops, conferences and Installation Party, The various programs of the LUG are online so you can see what your local association is preparing and take note of the most interesting appointments/conference for you.

History and Previous Editions

“Often local LUGs organize events such as meetings, debates, installation party, but unfortunately the “resonance” of these events is usually limited for this ILS is considering promoting this year’s the first “Linux Day” .The idea is the following: we fix a day (could be Saturday, October 27), and we invite all Italians LUGs to organize something in their cities on that date. […]”

with these words in August 2001 Davide Cerri, in an email to all LUGs in Italy, launched the idea of Linux Day.

From that day Linux Day has become a regular appointment in which all those participating in the free software movement, have never pulled back.
The numbers from the first edition (70) to the last (135) have almost doubled.


If you are in Italy and love GNU/Linux you cannot miss this event, check the official site to find the event nearest to you and join all the others GNU/Linux lovers, you’ll find me in my city (Bologna) event, have fun !

And expect some of the talks soon on this site.

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