May 262011

linode Today I’ve activated a new VPS on Linode and worked all day to set it up to host Why Linode ?
First, it’s been suggested by some friends (thanks Guillermo), second I’ve found only good review on the net about them and third there are a lot of useful information on their (now our) community page.

Some features of Linode are listed here

I’ve started also the DNS transfer so in the next days there could be some small (hopefully) problems, but I’m sure that in the end the site will be much more reliable and fast than with the actual hosting company.

And this is some detail on my new setup:

As operating system I’ve choose Debian 6 at 32 bit (another great thing of Linode is that has support for many Linux distributions). Debian it’s in my opinion one of the best server distributions the only doubt I had was about the use Gentoo to squeeze even more every single package, but at last I preferred to take Debian, i know it and I’m sure it will do a great work without much work on my side.

A big change on the software it’s the change from Apache + mod_php and Mysql to Nginx + PHP-FPM and Mysql.

For the packages i’ve used an alternative repository for Debian that releases all the latest release of software for LAMP and LEMP.

To use it on Squeeze just add in your /etc/apt/sources.list:

deb stable all
deb-src stable all

Add the correct GPG key and update your repositories with the commands:

cat dotdeb.gpg | sudo apt-key add -
aptitude update

After that i’ve installed Nginx, php5-fpm and Mysql.

The configuration took some time, but these guides helped :

Nginx and PHP-FastCGI on Debian 6 (Squeeze)

Nginx and wordpress

When i’ll publish this article probably the name will still be on the old hosting, but in few days all should be done.

If you want some details on the configuration just drop me a line on the comment and i’ll do an article with more details.

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