Apr 092011

nattyToday I was checking as usual the linux news from around the world and two articles caught my attention.

1) Canonical has second thoughts, maybe Ubuntu 4.11 will not haave Unity as default ! Yay !!!!!

In this popular Italian blog the author refers that at the last ubuntu Technical Board meeting a question has been raised:

* Classic Gnome Desktop by default (dmandell)
* Action: rickspencer3 will bring up the state of unity on the -desktop list for public review and discussion

So, there is in the technical board a discussion about changing the default desktop ?

2) The inevitable is here : Ubuntu gnome remix

In this article the author is very pleased by the new project to make work natively Gnome 3.0 on Ubuntu, in fact defines the project as inevitable:

It was predicted since canonical announced unity…
It was anticipated since people tried and disappointed on unity…
It was desired since people saw, tried and experienced gnome 3.0 and its new shell…
It was inevitable since shuttleworth commmented that no classic desktop for ubuntu 11.10…


Today we are at 19 days from the official launch of Ubuntu Natty, and while not loving at all the new Desktop i think it will be difficult to change all in such a short time, surely it is not feasible to include the newly released Gnome 3.0 in Ubuntu, it could fall back on Gnome 2.32, but it’s worth it after all these months sponsoring Unity?

Check for example OMG! Ubuntu! and see the last articles, are all about how much Unity is nice and work fine, so i suppose there is also a strong faction that is pushing for Unity…

Well i think i’ll enjoy my new 2.38 kernel, the switch to Libreoffice, my Exaile music player and not Banshee (mono is good or bad ?) and over all my XFCE-4, while eating pop corn and see how this new linux desktop drama end.

And you what you’ll do ?

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  1. N.B. When clicking through from your RSS feed to see this article your wordpress plugin gives up and presents me with a blank page

  2. Too bad. I was hoping we’d get more Fedora users.

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