Oct 302012

I just discovered this great opportunity thanks to a colleague of mine, and i want to share this information with all of you.
Just for 24 hours it’s possible to get Crossover Linux and 1 year of support for free.

What’s Crossover Linux ?

From wikipedia:

CrossOver (a.k.a. CrossOver Office before version 6.0) is the collective name for two commercial and proprietary programs developed by CodeWeavers that allow many Windows-based applications to run on Linux and Mac OS X using a compatibility layer. The programs include CrossOver Mac and CrossOver Linux.

The programs are modified, proprietary versions of the public Wine source tree with various compatibility patches added, more user-friendly configuration tools, and commercial support. CodeWeavers employs several Wine developers and contributes code back to the free software/open-source software Wine project as per the GNU LGPL, although CrossOver is proprietary software.

Crossover for Linux supports a great number of programs and games for Windows, so this is a great opportunity to run that particular Windows software that you really want to use on your Linux Box, and for free !

From the codewearers website:

On Wednesday, Oct. 31, 2012, beginning at 00:00 Central Time (-5 GMT), anyone visiting CodeWeavers’ Flock The Vote promotional web site (flock.codeweavers.com) will be able to download a free, fully functional copy of either CrossOver Mac or CrossOver Linux. Each copy comes complete with 12 months of support and product upgrades. The offer will continue for 24 hours, from 00:00 to 23:59, Oct. 31, 2012.

Have fun and download it while you can !

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  6 Responses to “CODEWEAVERS software free for download for 24 HOURS on OCTOBER 31, 2012”

  1. grazie mille per la dritta!!! 😀

  2. People who have them, usually know how to spell the word “colleague.”

  3. Grazie per la notizia!

  4. In caso che vi servano ulteriori licenze per uso professionale o servizi di validazione degli applicativi, Codeweaver Crossover è distribuito in Italia da Omnis Systems Srl, l’unico distributore in europa specializzato in soluzioni Open Source commerciali.


  5. my daddy said nothing good is for free. Ever tried out this software.?

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