Sep 292011

A new Humble Indie Bundle is started yesterday, a great and new opportunity to know and buy new indie game for a cheap price.

This time the offer it’s a bit different from the former edition, there is just 1 videogame in the main bundle: Frozen Synapse, but If you beat the promotion average you will also get the Humble Frozenbyte Bundle which includes the games Trine, Shadowgrounds Survivor, Shadowgrounds, the game prototype Jack Claw and a preorder for Splot which is currently in development.

As of writing, that means you’ll have to part with $4.51 to get Trine, Shadowgrounds, Shadowgrounds: Survivor, Splot and Jack Claw — a fair deal considering Frozen Synapse alone usually cost around $25 on Steam.

Frozen Synapse
The main game Frozen Synapse is pure 2D strategy turn-based game where you have to manage the actions of your “soldier” into reaching some goals.
usually this involve in enter a building with a lot of doors and rooms with your squad and reach some point while killing all the enemy around.

You have soldiers with different equipment and weapons, you can issue orders like shot to closer targets, or run to a cover and so on.
Once you have issued all your order you can end your turn and see the outcome of your choice.

There are other game modes as well, including Hostage Rescue where you’ll need to escort one or more VIPs to safety.
Multiplayer for Frozen Synapse is also possible. You log-in upon loading the game and are connected all the time, meaning you can be challenged to a match at any point (dropping out of multi-player mid-mission, it’s easy to go back to where you left).
It’s also possible to play with a friend exchanging your moves via email, a nice option IMO.

For a complete review i suggest to read this article

This current bundle is available now through October 11th.

Contest, who wants a Humble Frozen Synapse Bundle ?

I don’t’ play so much, but i like these offers, i think they are good for the Indie market and also for charity, so i’d like to gift 1 Humble Frozen Synapse Bundle.
So i’ll randomly choose a person among the one that post a comment in this article, post anything you want just be sure to put a valid email address, i’ll use that to contact the winner.

On 10 October, i’ll close the contest and i’ll randomly extract 1 email, i’ll also update this article to let you all know who is the winner.
Good luck.

And the Winner is

Competition closed, i’ve used the program shuf to take a random email address among the one that posted here, and the winner is: Geodumus


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  14 Responses to “It’s that time again: Humble Frozen Synapse Bundle”

  1. che dire… ottima iniziativa! Se vinco io, fai una seconda estrazione… neanche io gioco molto e sarebbe sprecato…

  2. Can’t wait to play it!

  3. Cool! With This Linux wins! Anyway if I’ll have one, I’ll buy one other for somebody else 🙂

  4. Frozen Synapse got a lot of really positive buzz on release so I was really surprised to see it in a Humble Bundle so soon. I paid a bit more than the Linux average amount to try and help bring the average up. I know it’s a sale, but we shouldn’t be too cheap!

  5. i dont know this game. I’m more interested in trauma 😀 but after all this is a very poor HumbleBundle … they should rethink about it and dont release that often neu bundles. 1 or 2 the year, with 4 or 5 new games are perfect, bundles with just 1 or 2 new games arent that perfect. 🙁
    the 1/4 Linux Gamers Community for HIB is now just 1/6

    • Well, Frozen Synaps has received a lot of good reviews for what I’ve saw around, but yes for people that bought HIB number 3 this is not so much interesting.
      But if you missed last HIB it’s a great chance to get a lot of games 😉

      • But I think this is more like the Frozenbyte bundle – made more on request. And I’ve found that Frozen Synapse is a great game – I haven’t anything similar to this before, but it is very much fun! And I also love the soundtrack, so that’s nice as well.

        So I’d say a real HIB4 will appear on Christmas as usual.

  6. Il mio commento è…. Già possiedo l’Humble Frozen Synapse Bundle, ma se lo regali a me, io lo regalerò achissoio 😛

    My comment is… I already own the Humble Frozen Synapse Bundle, but if you give it to me, i’ll give it to who-i-know 😛

  7. wow, nice competition you made here. Would be really nice if i’d get it,

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