Aug 142010
linux.comOriginal article-  LinuxCon Day 3: Now Get Out There and Do Something!

At the end of a conference, most people have two feelings. The first is a feeling of wanting to get out there and do something. After last year’s LinuxCon, especially after listening to Noah Broadwater of Sesame Workshop, I wanted to go back to my office, take a chainsaw to my IIS installations, and tear out my Sharepoint system. But I am pretty sure that feeling is felt by many of us on a daily basis without attending LinuxCon.

What was so exciting about Sesame Workshop’s presentation was, with a very small staff and even less money, they managed to create a web experience that not only reduced cost but had an average eyeball time of 27 minutes. There are sites that would give everything for 27 seconds, and here is a children-focused site with 27 minutes, primarily on Open Source software.

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