May 172012

Sono lieto di offrire a miei lettori un’offerta speciale se hanno in programma di partecipare alla prossima Conferenza Velocity di O’Reilly, registratevi in questa conferenza con il codice promozionale VL12AFF5 e otterrete uno sconto del 20% sui costi della Conferenza.

Quando e dove? 25-27 giugno 2012 a Santa Clara CA, presso il Convention Center.

Di cosa parla questa conferenza ? Dal loro sito ufficiale :

The only things expanding faster than new techniques and technologies to build a faster, stronger web are the expectations of web and mobile users.

To succeed in this ever-shifting, increasingly complex domain, you need to master a daunting array of web performance, operations, and mobile performance issues. Speed or reliability is no longer an option; both are assumed. Your pages and services must be fast, reliable, secure, and unbreakable. Your infrastructure must be efficiently scalable. Massive amounts of data must be captured and stored, and it all must work efficiently, reliably, and elegantly on an ever-expanding array of devices.

That’s why Velocity attracts the smartest minds in web performance and operations. Velocity is the best place to learn from peers, exchange ideas with experts, and share what has worked (and equally importantly, what has not worked) in real world applications. The focus is on practical, large-scale web development, presented by experts.

Velocity 2012 Topics and Themes

  • Automation strategies
  • Optimizing mobile performance
  • Cloud computing: the good bits
  • JavaScript speedups
  • Storing and managing big data: NoSQL, Hadoop
  • Metrics and monitoring

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