Aug 282011

nfuploader Back from vacation? now you’ll have probably a lot of photos and video to show to friends on facebook, but loading them by hand from the web interface is not exactly the easiest thing to do.

There is a small program that can help you: NFuploader, which allows you to load one or more images from Nautilus, but some are also used by Thunar the XFCE file manager, directly to Facebook.

NFuploader small program written in python which allows you to upload photos and videos to your facebook account with ease, right from your desktop. Originally a nautilus script, nfuploader can now be installed even without nautilus (not tested yet though). It is a complete application now.

Currently, it supports:

  • Post photos to wall
  • Upload to any existing album
  • Create an album
  • Delay an upload
  • Upload a video to facebook


  • To install the stable version, go to the official siteand download the .deb (for Ubuntu/Debian/any of its derivatives) or the .exe (for Ms Windows. Doesn’t have all features yet).If you download the deb, it will ask to add the repository for you to stay up-to-date with the latest stable version. If you dont want to add the repo, you can still manuall update via the application itself.
  • If you’re on some other distro, you can compile the stable version from here. Read the README inside the archive for further instructions.

Basic Usage

Just click the right mouse button on the photos/videos to upload and give Scripts -> Upload to Facebook. The first time you use it will have to approve the application on Facebook.

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