Dec 062011

scale_10x_1 I’ve received an email about this conference, and so gladly i propose it to Linuxaria readers. SCaLE stand for South California Linux Expo and it’s held at the Hilton Los Angeles Airport from 22 to 25 January 2012.

And for Linuxaria readers there is a special promo code to get a discount on the registration.

SCaLE is a community run a event that was started out of the local user groups in Los Angeles, over 10 years ago, this is the annoucement for the next Conference:

SCALE started 10 years ago with a single day event at the University of Southern California with two tracks and 400 attendees. Considering that SCALE 10X will be a three day event, with as many as a half-dozen tracks and possibly as many as 2,000 attendees, it’s clear that FOSS is alive and thriving.

And this year inside the main Conference there is also a mini-event:

SCALE the next generation

The Southern California Linux Expo is proud to announce a conference for the next generation of free and open source community enthusiasts. “SCALE: The Next Generation” — lets the FOSS community leaders of tomorrow spotlight their talents and ideas today. Open to kids 10 and older, the goal of conference is to be as “kid driven” as possible, offering a unique opportunity to see and experience the inner workings of planning a conference. Kids will be able to determine the content and help steer the direction that this mini-conference will take.

We invite the youth of the FOSS community to share their enthusiasm and excitement about free and open source software projects with the other young people.

For more information, check the official SCaLE page

Promo Code

On the registration page you can use the promo code “ARIA” to get a 30% Discount.

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