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scale11xI’ve received an email about this conference, and so gladly i propose it to Linuxaria readers. SCaLE stand for South California Linux Expo and it’s held at the Hilton Los Angeles Airport on February 22-24, 2013

I think that I can say that SCaLE has become the largest, small event in favor of the open source and looking at the list of speakers and presentations I can think only one thing … unfortunately, I can not go there.

Good topics and prominent names of the community, well done SCaLE!

And for Linuxaria readers there is a special promo code to get a discount on the registration.

SCaLE is a community run a event that was started out of the local user groups in Los Angeles, over 10 years ago, this is the annoucement for the next Conference:

SCaLE started 10 years ago with a single day event at the University of Southern California with two tracks and 400 attendees. Considering that SCaLE 11X will be a three day event, with as many as a half-dozen tracks and possibly as many as 2,200 attendees, it’s clear that FOSS is alive and thriving.

The Expo’s educational focus is composed of (but not limited to) technical seminars and booths where, among other things, both commercial software and hardware vendors, and local non-profit groups (for example, Linux Users Groups), participate in product display, and software demonstrations and tutorials, respectively.

This year there are a lot of talks with interesting presentations just to list some:

Taking the Open Cloud to 11 with CloudStack
by Joe Brockmeier

This will be a fast-paced introduction to Apache CloudStack, a turnkey, open source, Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud platform. Attendees will get a quick overview of what it means to be an IaaS cloud, followed by a lively intro to Apache CloudStack.

The Affero GPLv3: Why It Exists & Who It’s For?
by Bradley Kuhn

The speaker invented the Affero copyleft clause, on the urging from Henry Poole to address what was once called the “Application Service Provider Loophole” of GPL. It wasn’t a loophole; the issue simply wasn’t pertinent when GPLv2 was drafted in 1991. Since then, network services became a standard form of software delivery.

The Secure Boot Journey
by Matthew Garrett

Back in mid-2011, Microsoft published the hardware certification requirements for Windows 8. Key among them was a small section indicating that Windows 8 certified systems would have to ship with UEFI Secure Boot enabled out of the box. Secure Boot is a cryptographic verification mechanism that prevents systems from booting operating systems unless they’re signed with a trusted key. As things stood, there would be no requirement that systems be able to boot anything other than Windows. In a bit over a year, it might suddenly have become impossible to run Linux on commodity hardware.

Crossing The Chasm Together
by Jono Bacon

In this new presentation from Jono Bacon, the Ubuntu Community Manager and author of The Art of Community, he discusses the challenges that face the Linux community in building a pervasive, ubiquitous platform and how we can build great communities to cross the chasm together to build a Free Software platform that benefits everyone.

ZFS Administration
By Aaron Toponce

ZFS is a filesystem developed by Sun Microsystems originally for the Solaris operating system. It has since been ported to the Linux kernel by way of a kernel module. It is a modern 128-bit copy-on-write filesystem with an extensive amount of features. It combines software RAID levels, volume management, compression, deduplication, quotas, automatic mounting, checksums and a number of other features. ZFS is mature, stable, and highly tested. It has built in detection mechanisms for silent hardware errors, and has automatic continuous integrity checking and error correction.

And this is really a small excerp of all the interesting talks you can find at SCaLE 11x, and if this is not enoug take also a look at the Special Events page, you’ll not be disappointed !!

Promo Code

On the registration page you can use the promo code “ARIA” to get a 40% Discount.

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