Feb 072011

scale9x I’ve received an email about this conference, and so gladly i propose it to Linuxaria readers. SCaLE stand for South California Linux Expo and it’s held at the Hilton Los Angeles Airport from 25 to 27 Febraury 2011.

And for Linuxaria readers there is a special promo code to get a discount on the registration.

SCaLE is a community run a event that was started out of the local user groups in Los Angeles, over 9 years ago. This year SCALE has invited two prominent members of the Free and Open Source Software community to give the keynotes at SCALE 9x. Canonical Chief Executive Officer Jane Silber will give her keynote on “Cloud for Human Beings” Leigh Honeywell, co-founder and current president of HackLab TO in Toronto, will speak on “Hackerspaces and Free Software” in her keynote.

In addition to these we have over 65 presentations as part of this years event, including:
David Maxwell: Use Case for Static Analysis – Samba
Dru Lavigne: PC-BSD: an Easy to Use Open Source Desktop
David Stokes: What’s New in MySQL 5.5
Justin Garrison Linux as a HTPC
Mark Hinkle: Crash Course : Open Source Cloud Computing
Michael Larabel: Making More Informed Linux Hardware Choices
Ruth Suehle: Beyond Linux: Changing the world with open source
Ted Gould: Unity: Why Does It Matter?

SCaLE will also have an exhibit hall floor with over 90 booths, where attendees can meet with commercial vendors, open-source projects, and recruiters interested in open-source professionals. Some of this year’s exhibitors will include: Facebook; IBM; HP; GNOME; Cloud.com; LibreOffice;Quest Software; Rackspace Computing; and ZAReason.

For a complete list of exhibitors, see

Promo Code

On the registration page you can use the promo code “ARIA” to get a 40% Discount.

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