Aug 022011

As usual, in the beginning of the month I present to you the 7 most read articles of the previous month.

7 – Linux system info, cheat sheet

This is a small collection of commands that can give you information on a Linux computer.
Most of this commands can be run as non-privileged user, but more information can be obtained if (and should be) run as root:
General system information:

# uname -a

List all hardware

 lshw |less

Alternative with Gtk frontend


6 – The dd command on Linux terminal.

dd seem an unfriendly command, but if you start to use it, you’ll see that it’s a powerful command able to do many different things, backup a partition, CD or USB stick for example or do some simple tests on the speed of your disks or your CPU.

The man page say:

dd is an application that will “convert and copy a file”

But let’s see some trick with it.

5 – Untangle your network

untangle-logoUntangle it’s a software appliance (based on Debian) that can help you in managing your network from content security to web caching, remote access to policy enforcement, all from one simple, drag & drop command center.

Untangle is a privately held company that provides an open source network gateway for small businesses. They offer the core modules (12) as GPL software and others at payment, the cost depend on number of “client” and which modules you want to install, to start (or for home use) the Lite Package (free to download and use) is enough.

4 – UbuBox “SalentOS” 11.04

After about a month of work and various tests I’m proud to make public the result of this commitment:

UbuBox “SalentOS” live 11.04.

The idea to make a personal operating system, flashed in my head for quite some time, but for one reason or another I never managed to get to work seriously on such a project. In these days I decided to commit myself “full time” to it and I did it, also pushed by the wave of news that are coming in the world of the penguin! I did not, initially, planned to make UbuBox “SalentOS” public. Then, along the way, thanks to the advice of some friends and the realization that the system satisfy me, I said “Who knows … maybe this could satisfy someone else too. Why not make it public?”

3 – Introduction to Linux MultiMedia Studio (LMMS)

lmms-0.4.0-1In the last years a lot of new software is come for music production on Linux, and LMMS is in this category.

LMMS is a free cross-platform alternative to commercial programs like FL Studio®, which allow you to produce music with your computer. This includes the creation of melodies and beats, the synthesis and mixing of sounds, and arranging of samples. You can have fun with your MIDI-keyboard and much more; all in a user-friendly and modern interface.

2 – Do more with less

less it’s a fundamental command if you work on the Linux terminal.

Doing a “man less” you can see:

less - opposite of more

I love Gnu/Linux man pages, in this case it refer to more another command that do similar things (but less).

The Linux command less is similar to cat, but with less you can scroll the file instead of showing the file at once. With less command you can scroll up in the file as well as down, where with the Linux command more you can only scroll down the file.

1 – 7 Useful Commands For Ubuntu Linux Newbies

terminalAuthor: Kurt Hartman Jr

First off, let me say that I am not one of those terminal loving Linux fans. I think it is cool and all, but I tend to save the command line for things that either require doing a massive batch job, or when I need to do something really specific.

Other than that, I stick to the Gnome GUI, and work within the parameters that various menus offer me. That works for 99% of what I need done.

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