This blog will not be anything without all the community that exists in the Linux World and you too can help in different ways, either by sending a link to any article or tutorial you have made and you wish republished here, or sending the article to [email protected] (odt or pdf format, with images that you want published), the article can be in English or in Italian.

I’ll do the article available for the 2 languages of the Blog and publish it with your name and any link to your Blog or Site.


  2 Responses to “Contribute”

  1. I saw that you have a great resource for people learning Linux here. I’m working on a new educational guide, the Ultimate Guide for Linux Logging that collects and shares material and best practices from people in the community. I was wondering – do you have any best practices you’d like to contribute? Or, if you would like to do a repost on your website?


    • Hello Melissa,

      I’ve some good post regarding the use of ssh, but in general feel free to use any pf my material.
      And Yes I’d be happy to repost some of your useful work.

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