Sep 082011

I’ve received from Liam Dawe, owner of this nice Interview with Jonathan Prior of Gameolith, he asked me to re-publish this interview and advertise his nice site, where you can find many more interviews about games for Linux.


Todays question time was spent with Jonathan Prior of Gameolith a newish Linux game download store of which I am a customer of so I thought it would be good to get some feedback!

GOL: First of all can you introduce yourself and your website, who is involved, and who does what exactly?

GOL: How did you first get into using Linux and why do you prefer it to other operating systems?

GOL: Why did you decide to do a Linux game store?

GOL: Many people who say Linux is not profitable, is Gameolith able to prove them wrong/Has it been a success for you so far?

GOL: How easy/difficult has it been convincing developers to get into bed
with Gameolith?

GOL: Now you have already started doing weekly sales, has that actually
helped prompt people into buying? Also is it a choice from you or the
developers if a game gets put in a sale?

GOL: Have you come up against many big hurdles?

GOL: Don’t you think that handling support for what could be thousands of customers a bit big of a job for 2 people?

GOL: Do you see any more hurdles you need to jump in the future?

GOL: What development tools have been invaluable in creating and
maintaining Gameolith/What development tools do you mainly use?

GOL: In case of hardware failures (LGP comes to mind) what systems do you
have in place to reassure customers that you won’t disappear?

GOL: Any favourite indie game of the moment and any favourite open source
game of the moment?

GOL: What are your thoughts on Desura being ported to Linux?

GOL: Recently one barrier you faced was that you ran out of bandwith for
uploading fixed packages (a barrier that caused an issue for BEEP purchasers
like myself), what steps have you taken to ensure when you need to upload
fixed packages you are able to do so?

GOL: Thanks for answering the questions, anything you would like to end the
interview on?

Big thank you to Jonathan who took time out of his sunday morning/afternoon to have a chat with me!

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