Aug 182011

deadcyborg_shot_01 DeadCyborg it’s a free, donation based hard-sci-fi adventure game for Windows, Mac and Linux.

The plot:

You are a human being who has waken up in a cryotank… you have no memories, but you find some messages from the past… from yourself…
You don’t feel good… maybe this is a radioactive and toxic place … you may not have much time… You find some stupid robots… with strange answers to your questions.

The game is a donateware with the following episodes only released if enough funding is made, so if you download this game and enjoy it please show your support.

System Requirements

(according to “What is the minimal hardware to run this game?” in Dead Cyborg Technical FAQs):

It will run fine on a 1.5Ghz processor and a Geforce7600 or equivalent ATI videocard. But better to try it yourself, it is free to download.

The game

The gameplay is very simple. You can move, take items and use them. You can examine a lot of things. You can find information about the world and the story.
During the game you find memory holographs (diary pages) of the others who had once been in the tanks with you as well as the memories of… someone else.You must build up the story using these pieces of information. This is a very important and unique part of the game.

So: explore, search, think.

And if you have any difficulty during the game there is also an official walkthrough in the main site, both in text and videos

Episode 2

At the moment the game has raised 1200 $, the goal set by teh developer it’s to reach 4000 $ before releasing (for free) the episode number 2. The full game will have 3 episodes.

Browser version

It’s available also a Browser version of the game (but it’s in beta) available at this page, it works in Chrome, Firefox, Opera, IE and require a particular plugin.

And if you’re still not sure, here is an introductory video of the game:

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