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tuxI want to start publishing a list of the most read articles of Linuxaria in the previous months, we start today with the most read stories of January 2011:

7) Compression programs on Linux

Or zip VS gzip VS bzip2 VS xz

In a previous article about the tar program I mentioned gzip and bzip2 compression methods as options to create a tarball (and I forgot xz).

To make amends today I will introduce the main methods to compress the file and I’ll do some tests to see how they behave.
I will consider zip, gzip, bzip2 and xv, i will not test compress another compression program present on Linux systems but now dated and surpassed by the other programs.

6) The best way to move data

Or scp VS tar+ssh VS rsync+ssh VS tar+netcat

In a previous article in which i’ve show some uses of tar, I made an example of how to use it to move large amounts of data between two computers, but many people have said that it is better, or at least they prefer to use rsync, others prefer to use netcat. I remain convinced that a tar+ssh is faster than rsync+ssh is correct then do a test on the field and see some numbers.

5) Tar tricks on Linux

I recently had to move from one machine to another about 50 GB of data, divided into hundreds of thousands of small files, and i had no additional space on the machine to make a zipped tar and then move it comfortably, I tried a scp, but after 45 minutes it had moved around 2 GB of data, too slow.

And so I started looking at the options a bit more advanced of tar.

4) 2011 Calendar Linux Style

What better time to create your own calendar for 2011, even better if based on the Linux world ?.

I saw this idea on the site where they made a nice dodecahedron with a Ubuntu theme.

In the download package, there is a pdf version ready to print and assemble, plus a pdf version of a guide in which is explained what parts should be cut and how to bend the paper to obtain the dodecahedron.

3) 6 Tricks with awk

Awk has always been for me a source of great hatred and love, isan incredibly powerful command with which it is possible to build real programs.

In this article I will give you 6 examples ready for use with your preferred terminal.

2) 3 Command line tool to test bandwidth

One element that is often not know, or that should be measured after a problem statement or after a change in the infrastructure is the network . But how do you accurately measure the speed between two servers?

Someone use ftp, scp or other file transfer protocols, these can give some indication, but probably you’ll measure the limit of your disks or CPU.

In this article I will show you 3 way to measure the bandwidth from the command line, without using the disks.

1) 7 classic game on Linux

One thing I found very interesting about Linux is the ability to have a whole series of classic games already present on your distribution, and therefore easy to install.

What do I mean as classic game ?

Games released prior to 2000 on Amiga or perhaps on other operating systems and now ported to Linux.

Follow me in this series of old games (as a concept), but always enjoyable and funny.

This is the top 7 of the most read articles of Jabuary, see you in 1 month for the top 7 of febraury.

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