Jul 192011

terminalThis is a small collection of commands that can give you information on a Linux computer.
Most of this commands can be run as non-privileged user, but more information can be obtained if (and should be) run as root:
General system information:

# uname -a

List all hardware

 lshw |less

Alternative with Gtk frontend


Process information:

# top

(Shift-M to order the list by memory use)

Memory information:

# free -m


 cat /proc/meminfo

Swap information

swapon -s


cat /proc/swaps

BIOS information:

# dmidecode | less

Show information about the distribution:

cat /etc/issue


cat /proc/version


lsb_release -a

Show information about all PCI

lspci (or -v for verbose)

Show information about all usb devices.

lsusb (or -v for verbose)

Show information about partitions

cat /proc/partitions


fdisk -l

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  1. Many of those commands and their parsed output collected in this bash script.

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