May 072012

I accidentally discovered this package for debian, very trivial but brilliant in its simplicity: at the first error done on the command line it performs a rm -rf / , so it try to delete the drive completely, this package is called Suicide Linux, and you should absolutely not install it on your machine.

To test this you can use an expendable virtual machine .

Why would you ever want to install Suicide Linux on your box ? Well, it’s certainly not practical, but it makes more sense as a test than as an actual operating system, I’ve thought at it could be a final test for an interview for System Administrators:

– Hello Mr. Thomas Anderson, please do a dump of the Mysql running on this machine, zip it on a file and than move it with netcat on this remote machine…. ah on this machine there is Sucide Linux so you cannot do mistakes.

I think that could be interesting to see where our candidates would arrives before they wipe out the whole disk…

Have Fun !!

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  2 Responses to “Suicide Linux : The final test for your interview”

  1. That’s a brilliant idea to put it in the interview test B-)

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