Mar 262011

UbuntuGood news, at the last Ubuntu Technical Board the members have voted against including (by default) Non-Free software in ubuntu distribution. The Ubuntu Technical Board is responsible for architectural and technical decisions in Ubuntu. They set the standards required for packaging and integration with Ubuntu, as well as signing off on the release process and goals, and are ultimately responsible for granting official status and access rights to developers and the leader is of course Mark Shuttleworth.

Here you can find the proposal also called “make Youtube work” and that was asking that the option to ‘install third-party software’ when installing Ubuntu should be selected by default.

The goal of the proposal was to make thing easier for new ubuntu user that don’t know what’s flash or non-free software, as the patch say “they just want to use Youtube”


Ubuntu will not enable ubuntu-restricted-* installation by default, and will retain its stance
Final result is 0 for, 5 against. 0 abstained. Total: -5

For me is a great news, Ubuntu prefer to lose some user, but the others will be educated (hopefully) in what means GNU, GPL, FSF and why non-free is bad for all.

And for youtube ?
I’m waiting for HTML5 or some working Free-codec, and in the while i use minitube

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