May 192012

Article by Christian, first published on: in Italian.

In our daily activities we may have to manage multiple files from different locations, from which, every now and then edit them. It can also arise the need to synchronize folders over the network and often we do not know how to do it, luckybackup may be the solution for you, a convenient graphical interface for a powerful command line tool like rsync.

The program has several functions:

  • Backup: Do the backup of your files
  • Snapshots: Create multiple backup “snapshots”. Each snapshot is an image of the source data that refers to a specific date-time. Rolling back to any of the snapshots is possible.
  • Sync: Synchronize multiple folders to keep your data/records up to date on all your workstations. You do not want to loose the changes made ​​to the photos of your holidays right?

From the interface you can configure profiles and tasks. But what are they?
A profile is nothing more than a set of tasks, ie actions to be performed.
Set up a profile can be useful if we have multiple PC that use different rules to synchronize their files, while properly configure a task can be handy for not having copies of unwanted files, such as temporary files or configuration file that we don’t need.

You can decide which types of files to copy and which one skip in the tab of the exclusions,


where you can also manually define which files to skip:


Another interesting feature is the ability to synchronize to a remote host, perhaps an rsync server configured to act as mirror of the most popular Linux distributions, where there is a need to have the various sever completely updated and aligned.


In this regard comes in our help an handy function to delete the files in the destination if they have been canceled in the source directory.


The final aspect of the program that makes it complete in my opinion, is the ability to set specific times for executions of tasks, even in command line mode, ie without having to start the GUI program it will perform the various tasks in background.


Now you just have to try it and if you don’t find it in the repositories of your distro, as well as ask the developers, you can take a look at the project site:


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  3 Responses to “A look at luckyBackup”

  1. I have tried a lot of rsync GUIs, indeed, all that I could find. This is the only one that I found acceptable. It is very capable.

  2. My favorite backup tools of all time 🙂

  3. E’ la prima volta che uso lukyBackup con Ubuntu 14.04 e sto cercando di fare un backup di alcune cartelle su un hd esterno. Il backup viene fatto ma nelle cartelle sull’ hd esterno non ci sono file. Perchè? Grazie per l’aiuto.

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