Jun 222011


I’ve received some information from Jean-Michel regarding DoudouLinux a project he’s leading, you can read an interview with him and more info on Doudou in a former article.

I’ve browsed a bit their site and i’ve also noticed a new and better graphic and much more info on how to setup and use this distribution, but now these are the information i got from Jean-Michel:

You probably know that my project DoudouLinux is still alive and, much more than that, really active! Indeed we have just released our first version officially tagged as stable (not that previous ones were instable 😉 ).

Its name is DoudouLinux 1.0 Gondwana and it is available in 15 officially supported languages, using 5 different alphabets.

As you proposed me months ago to tell you about our achievements, I’m back to explain what we did. Of course I’d be very glad if you take some time to tell the world about the evolution of our project. Please note that we now have 3 Italian contributors and I’m pleased to announce that you can already browse several Italian pages on our website :):


Our foremost improvements are:

  • two new applications Songwrite and Stopmotion
  • start-up / shutdown graphics and music
  • songs for children and pieces of classical music (MIDI files)
  • better hardware support, particularly networking and wifi

Songwrite is a simple song editor and player which defaults to use fingerings and tabs instead of the musical notation (requiring long teaching). Stopmotion is an animation movie creator. From series of photos of a scene in which characters are slightly moved from one shot to another, it makes videos.

This release illustrates the recent turn DoudouLinux took: digital contents. We want children learn one of the most important use of computers today, certainly due to the Internet revolution: creating and spreading digital contents all around the world. For this reason we plan in a near future to improve the CD graphic unity, to add more musical content, and to add written documents.

On the technical side, DoudouLinux Gondwana will be the last release based on Debian Lenny. Next version will use Squeeze and will be ported to the ARM platform. We also intend to improve the user interface in order to provide a better user experience and a better look&feel.

Finally our project, which has just blown its first candle, has been recently included in the famous Distrowatch directory and joined the OIN in March on their invitation. As you can see the project is receiving trust and its activity is high in order to make the better computer system for children ever made, gaming consoles included! Few stats as final words: 80,000 visitors + 21,000 downloads + nearly 50 contributors + 4 new languages on the road. A long way has already been walked!




I’ve tested Doudou a bit and i must say that it’s really intuitive, so if you have childrens from 2 to 12 years look at this project, i’m sure you (and your childrens) will not be disappointed.

A video from the former release:


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