Jan 262013

one late night

One Late Night is a short immersive horror-game experience, released for free for Linux, Mac and WIndows, the basic idea of this game is to put the gamer in a situation similar to something that it could have been in, and also the scenario is just an office, with standard things (and an android figurine), the idea is that the players will relate themselves to the game setting and scenario and become immersed. Even if you can’t relate to the game storyline, you will still get a good experience.

The main (and the only alive) character is an unnamed graphic designer employee, working late one night at the office, until strange things start to happen.
Soon you’ll see strange message on your computer screen and you’ll start to see scaring thing in your office.


The game start with an Iphone that displays some short messages, basically you are telling to your girlfriend Linda that you’re late (you can see in the sms that is been sent at 23:59) and that you’ll call her later on your way to home. After this it seem that you wake up from a short nap, and so you decide to go searching some coffee, and while moving you pass near Robert office, a colleague that is not coming at work from some days..

The storyline is presented with short monologues, displaying the thoughts of the player, as you need to perform certain tasks to proceed in the game to continue discover new clues about what’s going on.

Use your surroundings to your advantage and hide under desks and in corners to avoid being taken by the ghost which haunts the office. Remember that the light will always be your friend. Survive the night and find as many clues as you can about the threat.

To save your progress in the game use the Linux terminal (nice !) on the computer and login with the username and password from the note.
Type “save” and then press Enter to save your game progress.

Getting the game

The game can be downloaded from the official website as a zip file. After that you have to unzip it, this will create the folder OneLateNight_linux/Build9 that contains the files OneLateNight.x86 and OneLateNight.x86_64, to run the file on your system you have to change the permissions with:

cd OneLateNight_linux/Build9
chmod +x OneLateNight.x86_64

And after that you can start the game with


The game has a really simple initial menu, you can choose some options (game quality, fullscreen and other graphical options), start a new game or load an old game, remember to save you have to use the terminal at the starting desk.


This indie game is really well made with realistic details, objects and textures. Many of the furniture and equipment that you’ll see in the game are things that probably you have in your office or in your home. The game is short, but can be a nice alternative for a spooky night.

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  3 Responses to “Linux Games: One late night”

  1. An iPhone, really? Sounds like a horror story indeed. Imagine being stuck, all alone, with only an iPhone to keep company. You’ve got nothing to do. The App Store is very restrictive, just like the device. You urge to plug in your USB drive to your iPhone, but you can’t because it uses a proprietary port. You want to plug in your game controller and play some *real* games on some emulators, but you can’t do that either. You wish you were able to at least customize or tweak your phone to your liking but all you can do is move the icons around on your homescreen! You start to grow restless and begin to panic . You feel trapped. You knowingly threw yourself into a walled garden^H^H^H^H^H^H pit and you can’t climb out. You’re getting claustrophobic now. What will you do? How will you survive this nightmare!? The only glimmer of hope is the sole Linux terminal…

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