Apr 062011

time managmentThis is a book i’ve just finished reading, and that i found really interesting.
The author is Thomas A. Limoncelli, a system administrator that had the great idea to put on a book his tricks to deal with every day small and big problem a system administrator has in his every day work about time management and interruptions.

While reading the book i continued think, yes this happened yesterday, oh yes how much this is true, damn i really should do this thing and slowly i’m starting using some of the suggestions listed in the book.

They are not a big secret, or something so innovative or strange you could never think, but the chapters are well wrote and step after step do a puzzle in helping you organize your single day, your week your next year and why not, all your life.

Some of the principles listed in the book are.

  • One System: Keep all time-management information in once place
  • Conserve Brain Power: Avoid distractions, focus on one thing at a time
  • Use Routines: Think once at how to do a thing, do many
  • Same tools everywhere: Use the same tools for your personal-life

I’ve found really useful the chapters about routines and “conserve Brain Power”, a simple example that is used in the whole book is:

– Keep a note in your planner (analog or digital) about every single task, appointment or request you got.

You’d say yep, it’s trivial i almost do this already, or i do this for complex tasks, the real secret is to take a “routine” to write down everything, and when you have wrote down all your things in 1 place it’s really easy to organize your next day or week.

Well but perhaps it’s better if you take a quick look at the book


If in this moment, you’re not reading anything, or you’ve just finished your favorite book, I strongly suggest you to read this, it’s a cross between a suggestions book and a technical reading that will surely give you some help and idea for your daily work.

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yet not sure ?
Take a look at this:

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