Too many passwords to keep in your mind? Here is a great solution! Cross-platform and portable!

Credit cards, SIM cards, social networking sites and forums are just some of the many services that can give us trouble. That’s right … Each of these, now, requires passwords and codes that you must keep secrets. I can not remember everything for sure! The only solutions are the ones that we all know. Use […]

Install Dropbox On Ubuntu Server (10 & 11)

After the last article of Dropbox I thought it was useful to show how you can use Dropbox also on a server without a GUI, this useful article by David Feinberg was published on This post will help you install the Linux Dropbox client on your headless Ubuntu Server and link it up to […]

Do you want to turn your old PC into a digital Jukebox? Here’s a step by step guide

There are many people that have old computers in their basement or attic, and they do not use it because they are considered too old and outclassed. Today we will see a possibility to recover an old PC, we will see how to turn your PC into a fantastic digital Jukebox. You will have the […]

Linux Games: Anomaly: Warzone Earth

In these days a new Humble Bundle has been presented, some of the games in his bundle have been already been delivered in previous bundle, such as World of Goo and Osmos, the big news of this Bundle is that the games are released also for Android, so it’s been called the Humble Bundle for […]

Miro Internet TV: Internet TV for Ubuntu Desktop

Miro, a new application for Internet video has been designed to be an easy app that will give users an amazing full-screen show. With over thousands of free videos that can be viewed from the Internet, Miro gives the user the ability to download all the chosen videos they enjoy as soon as they are […]