How to configure postfix as smtp relay for Gmail on Archlinux

Original article by AlexioBash, posted in Italian on the website It can be very convenient, for those who use services such as zoneminder, rtorrent, etc., to have a “Gmail Relay” to send maisl from your Gmail account. In this guide we will see how to configure postfix to send email with our account [email protected] The guide […]

How to play Minecraft on Archlinux

Article by AlexioBash published on his website about ArchLinux in italian. Minecraft is one of the most funny and popular games of the moment. It is available for Microsoft platforms and for GNU/Linux. Made in Java relies entirely on its gameplay and not on graphics. The game offers the opportunity to gather resources from any “cube” around you and […]

A galaxy of Linux Distros

by Frank Harris-Smith The Internet is a great place to scratch the itch of curiosity. I’d heard some interesting things about Arch Linux so I Googled it. I wanted to know what the Distro was all about and a bit of it’s history. I accidentally discovered The GNU/Linux Distribution Timeline which informed me where Arch […]