Oct 282013

Article from Tcat Houser editor-in-chief of TRCBNews.com.

You might not have noticed that the $35 computer, Raspberry Pi has exceeded 1 million units shipped. Further, they have production volumes cranked up to the point where you can order more than one unit.

In early March this year Raspberry Pi signed a deal with Sony to move a large part of the manufacturing process to the United Kingdom. This decision was based on high demand in the UK and Europe for the unit and the relative technical expertise of UK production processes.

“In June we scheduled 204 units per week. By July that had climbed to 10,000 units per week – this month we will achieve 38,000 output per week, and this is just the beginning,” said Gerald Kelly, the General Manager of Sony’s Pencoed plant.

Since the production process moved to UK manufacturing the numbers produced in the UK alone have risen to 40,000. This means in quantifiable terms the UK now produces more than the Chinese facility – impressive stuff. As a result shipments have now exceeded the 500,000 mark but with production ramping up so quickly 1 million units shipped is a landmark expected to be achieved in July.

Source http://www.eteknix.com/

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Jan 112011

In the past I had made a leap into the world of open hardware, and i had wrote some about Arduino, one of the best projects in this field.

I’m interested because what happened in the world with open source software is beginning now in the hardware world, and the Arduino project is an excellent example of this.

But enough if you’re curious I suggest you go and watch this excellent documentary.

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Extend your Arduino

Adding Ethernet, WiFi and Other Communications to Your Arduino (Or Other PIC) – Including the NSLU2 Author: John Smitty The Arduino is a small programmable device that can hold a small program and perform tasks such as reading temperature sensors, turning on or off switches, and can even serve as the ‘brain’ for a robot. [...]

Open Hardware & Arduino

Usually I work only with the software, I’m not an expert of the hardware, but the excellent presentation by Riccardo Lemmi made me want to read a bit of material on the world of open hardware in general and Arduino in particular. Open source hardware ( OSHW ) consists of physical artifacts of technology designed [...]