7 Tricks with ffmpeg

FFmpeg can be considered the Swissknife of audio and video applications, with many options and possibilities. You probably already have it installed on your computer as a dependency of a program you use to watch videos or listen to music. In this article we will see some use from the command line without using graphics [...]

No audio in RecordMyDesktop

After reading the article “How to create a screencast of your Linux desktop” I started doing some test of screencast with the program recordmydesktop. In particular, I did some testing with both the gtk frontend to the command line, but unfortunately in the first trials i was not able to get any sound in the [...]

Open source tools for audio editing

Often when I suggest Linux as an alternative I hear, yes i like it unfortunate that there is nothing as software for processing digital audio, so I must stay with Windows. A sufficiently powerful computer with good quality sound cards, can become very suitable for a hobbyist recording studio, as well as an excellent solution [...]