Sep 082012

In the IT shops have long proliferated intense religious wars between popular technologies. From the programmer’s perspective, debates over Java versus .Net or PHP versus ASP have caused many high profile feuds. Similarly in the system administrator space, Windows versus Linux or UNIX, and even infighting between different flavors of UNIX or Linux has made many tech mag headlines.
While cloud computing comes with the promise of abstracting business users and programmers from underlying technology decisions, these platform wars have still played a significant role in the choice of which cloud computing environment to support.
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Jun 102012

Article by Giuseppe Sanna

The mythology and history tell us of great struggles between sworn enemies. David and Goliath, Caesar and Brutus, Robespierre and Louis XVI are only a few. But for some years now in addition to this huge list we have two big names in the information technology! The multinational Microsoft and the GNU/Linux open source operating system. The struggles between the two never ends!

While Microsoft is trying by all means to keep under its control the market of the desktop, Linux itself in recent years is reaching incredibly important goals, mostly on the servers and embedded systems (Android ?). Despite the low blows of  Microsoft, we can just take a look at the mythological UEFI chips, Linux does not give up though. Indeed, it always win a larger slice of users thanks to its distributions. Each of which, of course, choose a different path. Continue reading »

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