Jan 092013

nitro-ubuntu-mint-1 Nitro is simple, fast and powerful. It can synchronize your appointments on the cloud with Ubuntu One and Dropbox, so you can access them from any computer, not lose any of your tasks and you’ll never get a conflicted copy. Nitro also creates a todo.txt file so you can see or embed your tasks in plain text. Nitro is available for a variety of platforms such as Linux, Mac and as extension of Google Chrome / Chromium. And the development team is working on mobile versions and so they’ll be available in the future Continue reading »

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Jan 272012

Article By Giuseppe Sanna

I bet that when you turn on your PC, one of the first programs that you start is your Browser .
Indeed, many say that the browser that we have installed in our computer show a part of us! There is, therefore, who prefer Opera: a browser elegant and very
particular, for those who prefer the aesthetics at the practicality, there are those who, following the mass chose the Firefox browser, which has won a great battle against IE in a recent past.

And finally there are those who prefer the speed, stability and efficiency, and they choose Google Chrome or Chromium !
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