Apr 252013

Article by Gary Marten

GNU/Linux is one of the most rapidly growing open source operating system as it is consistently improving its capabilities to meet the technological requirements. Initially, Linux was not adopted by most of the users because of its command line interface but later developments in Linux provide ease in terms of accessibility and offered Graphical User-Interface (GUI). As it’s an open source OS, it has one of the largest developer community and one of the most prominent contributors in Linux technology is RedHat. Linux was initially designed for Intel x86 personal computers and then later on modified to support different hardware as well.

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Apr 022012

William E. Shotts, Jr., published a few years ago a useful ebook entitled “The Linux Command Line”, a guide to learn and know more about the Command Line Interface (CLI) on GNU / Linux. The ebook is still available for download and is released under a Creative Commons license.

Although most distributions have graphical environments and interfaces for applications, the command line continues to be a useful tool to do various tasks while using the system. Even the combination of GUI and command line interface, well used, can help you to perform the tasks that you need quickly and accurately.
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Oct 212011

Article by Frank Harris-Smith

Linux is fundamentally a command line Operating System. Anything and everything can be done through the command line – system configuration, connecting to WiFi access points, even accessing new hardware devices before the Linux Kernel gets a driver for it (like USB Flash Drives before Linux Kernel 2.4 – pre 2001)

A quick example is the iwconfig command. Here is a quick peek at my current WiFi connection as seen from the command line:

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Namebench - DNS server benchmark

Namebench – DNS server benchmark

In a former article (1 year ago) i used a java tool to see which DNS was faster among Google, OpenDNS and my local ISP, and the winner it’s been my local ISP; but I’ve recently discovered another nice tool that can do these tests, so today I want to re-check these 3 DNS servers […]