May 242011

full-desktop-ss-gnomeToday has been released Fedora 15 (codename Lovelock); it’s some time i don’t use Fedora as Desktop, i think to have switched distribution around Fedora 2 or 3, from that time I’ve become a Fan of Gentoo or all .deb distributions, but I’ve read wonderful review of the last 2/3 Fedora and so, why don’t test this.

I’ve downloaded the default Desktop release that is a Gnome 3 release, but Fedora is also available with KDE, XFCE and LXDE.
You can download your favourite flavour here

Please note, if you want to test it (Gnome 3 release) on a Virtual Machine or old computer the minimum memory you need to install is 640 MB otherwise Fedora will refuse to install (i noticed it on the first run on a VM with 512 MB).
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