A Politically Incorrect game for Linux

Do you want to play a game with extreme violence in a background populated with characters that are American Caricatures ? Welcome to Postal 2. The game is not new (first released in 2003) but has been recently released on Desura, a thing that make it really easy to be installed on our Linux box. [...]

Humble Frozen Synapse Bundle – Review

If you follow linuxaria you know that some days ago we had a contest and the first prize was the last Humble Indie Bundle, the winner has been Geor Pribil, that has been so kind to write a review of the games, these are his opinions after some “testing” : First of all, the Installation: [...]

Cardinal Quest, an Indie dungeon-exploration game

Thanks to http://www.gamingonlinux.com/ i’ve discovered that Cardinal Quest was released freely for a limited time from Gameolith, (not free anymore sorry, i hope you have read my tweet on this offer), and so i’ve grab this opportunity to test this Indie Game.

Pax Britannica

Pax Britannica it’s a One-button real-time strategy that puts you in control of a deep-sea “factory ship” that is immediately under attack. One button gives you the power to deploy an attack force of your own: Try to destroy your enemies before they destroy you. The game can be played with one player versus the [...]

A look at StuntRally on Linux

StuntRally is a great driving game available on Linux and Windows, the game is released under the GNU GPL license v3 . The game features 54 tracks in 8 sceneries, 7 cars and a Track Editor. It focuses on closed rally tracks with possible stunt elements (jumps, loops, pipes). The game and editor both run [...]