Feb 232015

Not so long ago, the terms “Linux” and “gaming” had nothing in common. In fact, “Linux” didn’t have much in common with pretty much anything else in the field of entertainment, being considered an operating system for highly skilled individuals (which is just a fancy way of saying it was for geeks and nerds only). However, things have changed a lot lately, and not only did Linux bump up its game and became an operating system that’s quite user-friendly and intuitive, but it is also becoming known as a gaming platform, with more and more games being ported to Linux. One such game is Apotheon, a heroic action game you might want to check out.
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Feb 032014


Recently (16 Jan 2014 ) this free to play game has been released for Linux on Steam.

Estranged tells the story of a lone fisherman, whose ship is stranded on a mysterious island during a violent storm.

Explore the rich environments and meet the curious inhabitants of the island as you find a way back to the mainland.

Estranged: Act I is an action adventure game featuring horror elements.
The game features both puzzles and combat, as you try to make your way across to another part of the island. Estranged runs on the Source Engine with a few graphical extras.
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Dec 122012


Perhaps someone is old enough to remember the original Lemmings game, a puzzle-platformer video game developed by DMA Design and published by Psygnosis in 1991. Originally developed for the Amiga, Lemmings was one of the most popular video games of its era, the basic objective of the game is to guide a group of humanoid lemmings through a number of obstacles to a designated exit. In order to save the required number of lemmings to win, one must determine how to assign a limited number of eight different skills to specific lemmings that allow the selected lemming to alter the landscape, to affect the behavior of other lemmings, or to clear obstacles in order to create a safe passage for the rest of the lemmings.

This gameplay has been reused by many games in these years and today I want to present you the last heir of this big family : Spirits

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Presenting: The Humble Introversion Bundle

First, expect a really short article, i’ve just bought this new Humble Bundle that has some titles that i was waiting for, from one great software house Introversion. In case you have spent your last year away from a computer or from the net, i’ll repeat the Humble Bundle project slogan: “Pay what you want. […]