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Not so long ago, the terms “Linux” and “gaming” had nothing in common. In fact, “Linux” didn’t have much in common with pretty much anything else in the field of entertainment, being considered an operating system for highly skilled individuals (which is just a fancy way of saying it was for geeks and nerds only). However, things have changed a lot lately, and not only did Linux bump up its game and became an operating system that’s quite user-friendly and intuitive, but it is also becoming known as a gaming platform, with more and more games being ported to Linux. One such game is Apotheon, a heroic action game you might want to check out.

Apotheon – Why Should You Care?


Apotheon is a 2D side-scrolling action game. Before you chuckle and come up with a comparison with last-gen 3D games available on other platforms, you should at least give Apotheon the benefit of the doubt, as the game is nothing like you’ve seen in the ancient 2D side-scrolling games.

The Story:

First of all, Apotheon has a solid theme and a great story: the action takes place in the Greek Mythology scenery, and the plot of the game revolves around the fact that Zeus, the all-mighty God of all gods, has suddenly decided to leave everything and everyone perish. As you can easily guess, it is your job to prevent this from happening, and embark into an adventure, seeking answers, solving riddles and fighting enemies and other gods. The action of the game follows the characters of the Greek Mythology closely, so you can expect encounters with gods like Apollo, Artemis, Poseidon or Hades – all coming with their specific scenery.

Graphics and Gameplay

Despite the fact that the game is 2D, its graphics are quite stunning, and the gameplay is anything but bad as well. There is a wide diversity of weapons, grouped in 3 main categories (melee, ranged and throwable), with each category featuring multiple types of weapons. In order to succeed, you’ll have to be very careful which weapon you use and where, as each enemy is vulnerable to a different type of weapon and combat tactic, so the gameplay is anything but repetitive or boring. While the game is generally fast-paced, each scenery has its own rhythm. Overall, the gameplay and game mechanics are nothing short of impressive.


A pièce de résistance is the game’s soundtrack, which contributes a lot to the emerging atmosphere of the game, changing in tempo and style in each level, giving you different types of emotions as you advance through the game. If you want to get a clear idea about what we’re talking about here, check out a part the game’s soundtrack, available on YouTube. In fact, the soundtrack itself was considered so good that it came out as a standalone music album, available on iTunes.

Apotheon – Now Available on Linux

Apotheon was available for Windows for quite a while, via Steam, but as of recently, the game is also available on Linux as well. For a decent price of just €14.99 (you can also get the soundtrack from Steam as well, for €6.99).
An interesting aspect is that the Linux version of Apotheon has higher system requirements than the Windows version, especially in terms of RAM, the Linux version requiring a minimum of 3GB, whereas the Windows version can work with 1GB. We’ll put that on the fact that Linux is just starting to prove itself as a gaming platform, and its optimizations are far from ideal at this point.
You can get Apotheon, for Linux or Windows, here.

This is the guest post by Jason Phillips and Parking Games 365

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