3 Tower defense games for Linux

This is a genre I like and usually I play this kind of games in their flash/java online version but there are some nice Tower Defense games that can be downloaded and installed on Linux systems, today I’ll present you 3 of my favorites: Creeptd, Target Defense and Revenge of the Titans But first a [...]

How to play Minecraft on Archlinux

Article by AlexioBash published on his website about ArchLinux in italian. Minecraft is one of the most funny and popular games of the moment. It is available for Microsoft platforms and for GNU/Linux. Made in Java relies entirely on its gameplay and not on graphics. The game offers the opportunity to gather resources from any “cube” around you and [...]

Linux games: Lone Survivor

I’ve discovered this Indie game thanks to Humble Indie Bundle Number 5, buying it I’ve got this one as Bonus game, and I must say that it’s been a great, and positive surprise. Lone Survivor is a psychological survival adventure, with art, design, and music by the one-man studio, Superflat Games. The surgical-mask wearing protagonist [...]

Video game lovers listen ! Ubuntu is going to give you some unexpected emotions!

Article by Giuseppe Sanna We all know and love Linux and its distributions. Operating Systems that are lightweight, fast, highly customizable, free, advanced … These are just some of the thousands of qualities that our OS Linux have! But as we are also humble users and Linux users … not cocky, we recognize the limits [...]

Linux Games: No Gravity

No Gravity (classic) is a space arcade game with 5 game modes and it has very nice graphics, it is inspired by Wing Commander, a famous game of a few years ago that made ​​history for the space shooter. No Gravity runs on Windows, MacOS X, Linux, Amiga OS4, BeOS. It’s an arcade type game with [...]