Aug 032011

no-unityMaybe you are disappointed by Unity and looking for something new? But you would not like to go away from the known Ubuntu environment?

Of course, Ubuntu like any Linux distribution, you can customize the look and the behaviour in the way you want. Depending on the knowledge you have, it will be more or less successfully. Or if you do not have time to adjust, try some of the already finished remaster . You may find some that you will like.
Arios and gNatty are two remaster of Ubuntu using Ubuntu 11.04 as a basis for the operating system.
Arios is configured to be an usable distribution, while gNatty it’s just an interesting concept that still needs a lot of work.
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May 242011

full-desktop-ss-gnomeToday has been released Fedora 15 (codename Lovelock); it’s some time i don’t use Fedora as Desktop, i think to have switched distribution around Fedora 2 or 3, from that time I’ve become a Fan of Gentoo or all .deb distributions, but I’ve read wonderful review of the last 2/3 Fedora and so, why don’t test this.

I’ve downloaded the default Desktop release that is a Gnome 3 release, but Fedora is also available with KDE, XFCE and LXDE.
You can download your favourite flavour here

Please note, if you want to test it (Gnome 3 release) on a Virtual Machine or old computer the minimum memory you need to install is 640 MB otherwise Fedora will refuse to install (i noticed it on the first run on a VM with 512 MB).
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Apr 302011

desktopIn these days there is much talk about Unity, the new default desktop environment of Ubuntu one of the most popular Linux distributions, and so Unity will become the normal desktop environment for many users, there is also a lot of talk about Gnome 3 with its new features and capabilities that usually you love or hate. Others Linux distributions point on minimalism on their desktop such as Bodhi Linux or CrunchBang.

But how much memory your desktop really uses, just to getting started and give you the chance to do something?
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Canonical changing idea about unity ?

Today I was checking as usual the linux news from around the world and two articles caught my attention. 1) Canonical has second thoughts, maybe Ubuntu 4.11 will not haave Unity as default ! Yay !!!!! In this popular Italian blog the author refers that at the last ubuntu Technical Board meeting a question has [...]