Skype add support to XMPP

Everyone in the Gnu/Linux world (or so i think) has been worried by the news about Microsoft buying Skype, the standard de facto about VOIP. But perhaps there is a hope for a future more open on this software ? Skype 5.5 beta support now the protocol XMPP, this has been added mainly to talk [...]

Skype to Microsoft ? It’s time to know XMPP/Jingle

The news today is that Microsoft seem to be in the process of buying has bought Skype for something around $8.5 billion. So what will happen to Linux support for Skype ? No one knows it at the moment but  I can imagine nothing too good, in the best scenario, that I can imagine at [...]

5 tool for work online

I often have to change computers I work with, I might simply move from home to office, but also happens to move out of the office and work on computers provided by customers, how do you bring along everything you need? Some suggestions that may help you and make you move with the lighter heart.

Opendns, Google Dns or ISP ?

In recent years we heard most often about using alternate DNS to those provided by your ISP. But why not use your ISP’s DNS in theory it should be as fast as possible since there are fewer network hops to reach it, but the alternate DNS, provide additional services (such domains are known to report [...]