How to use your Ubuntu as gateway

During my tests i installed a Debian 6 Squeeze on an Old laptop with an integrated ethernet card and a PCMCIA wireless card. Problem, after the install all works perfectly but the wireless, and installing new packages without a net is not so comfortable. You have to search on the net for the name of [...]

Fail2ban,stop brute force attacks

As comment of the article Knockd, to secure your ports, i’ve received: “Port knocking is bad idea; a very bad idea. Port knocking is, in the end, a password. A sniffable one that is subject to man-in-the-middle attacks so you can’t even use one-time-passwords and be secure. Public/private key pairs and/or one-time-passwords (opie, skey and [...]

7 Uncommon uses of Iptables

On the web there are plenty of guides related to iptables, the firewall included in all the latest Linux distributions. iptables is a user space application program that allows a system administrator to configure the tables provided by the Linux kernel firewall (implemented as different Netfilter modules) and the chains and rules it stores. Different [...]